• “Life is not about only living, its all about the cause you are living for”
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About Us

From the Secretary’s Desk

SWAPNOMONI FOUNDATION is a Social Welfare initiative, formed in 2002. It was initially formed to educate the unprivileged section of the society to push them towards a better life. Later we started working on the all-over development including Education, Health, Social Identity & Awareness, Self-Help Programs for the Street Children, Child Labour, Orphan Children (especially Girl Child). It has been remained as one our agenda to reach maximum of such children and provide food, clothes, blankets etc. to them since more than a decade. In our early days we used to go to the Restaurants and Food Houses, sometimes to our neighbours to collect Food for them. It could never be a solution, but it was a step to at least make them feel that they were not alone in their battle of life.

We have found it the tough-most task to motivate this section towards education. Firstly, their adverse surroundings compel them to divert and in other cases, some antisocial rackets are found active who are leading such children towards the shed of darkness. Such deep rooted rackets are provoking such children to do wrong things sometimes under threats sometimes under greed of short-time benefits. We have our Free Coaching Teams and Centres, Welfare Tie-ups with several Educational Institutions for such children. There was a Red-Light Area under Garia Bridge (Now where Kavi Nazrul Metro Station is located). We convinced the Sex-Workers to let us work for their children. And we did. We faced troubles but never gave up. Later, we worked for the children of the Sex-Workers of Central Kolkata too.

Health is one of the most critical issues for such section. Maximum of such children are suffering from undiagnosed acute diseases. Sometimes they inherit; sometimes they adopt such diseases from their unhygienic and irregular lifestyle. We have Welfare Tie-ups with some of the leading Nursing Homes & Hospitals to get Free Treatment for few of such children. We use to collect and preserve Medicines and provide them as per requirement on Doctor’s written advice.

Every year we arrange ‘PUJA PARIKRAMA’. In Durga Puja we use to take such children to different renowned Puja-Pandals, provide them food and new dresses. This is not only a one day outing but a try to take off the inferiority complex of social discrimination from them and to make them realize that they have also rights to participate in such festivals.

We have formed a Self-Help Group of Flower Decoration with the Help of Flower Decoration Experts. Our children earn for themselves. This is to support their education and other daily needs.

Girl Child is under our Priority List in all our Welfare Services and Initiatives. We have dedicated ourselves for the all-over development of girl child. Not only for such girls but we raise our voice against the atrocity on women of any section. We joined protest rallies several times on this issue. We are in plan to set up an orphanage for such girl child.

We have made it our only focus to remain with the unprivileged section of the society in their smiles and tears.

Whatever sphere of the society we may belong, whatever troubles we may surrounded by; we believe, we are blessed enough to kick on the obstacles to do at least something for others. Come forward to join and support us.