• “Life is not about only living, its all about the cause you are living for”
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Our Initiatives


The Sun mournfully rises everyday in our Country to face lakhs of hungry and distressed children on Footpaths and Slums. Their pale faces are the first hosts of the sunlight but darkness is their only destiny.
It has been remained our primary agenda since the first day to provide food and garment to such children. We got to understand gradually that Health, Education, Social Awareness and other things are nothing but a luxurious topic to them. They are so much molded with Hunger and Poverty. Some of them were not even ready to interact without offer of food.
In our early days we used to go to the Restaurants and Food Houses, sometimes to our neighbors to collect Food for them. It could never be a solution, but it was a step to at least get their attention and make them believe that we can guide them towards a better life.

Hungry and Thirsty Footpath-Children of our Country use to sleep beside the bins full of leftovers every night. This is a fact we all know, this is the fact we all intentionally ignore. We are not here to raise the cry only. Its time to act. We are trying. You please come forward. Please pack your extra food and give it to such children.


Maximum of such children are suffering from undiagnosed acute diseases. Sometimes they inherit; sometimes they adopt such diseases from their unhygienic and irregular lifestyle.
We have Welfare Tie-ups with some of the leading Nursing Homes & Hospitals to get Free Treatment for few of such children. We use to collect and preserve Medicines and provide them as per requirement on Doctor’s written advice.
Health Awareness is one of the important agenda in our regular curriculum. We have organized Conferences engaging different Educational Institutions, sometimes in Public, to involve the youth in these issues.


We have found it the tough-most task to motivate this section towards education. Firstly, their adverse surroundings compel them to divert and in other cases, some antisocial rackets are found active who are leading such children towards the shed of darkness. Such deep rooted rackets are provoking such children to do wrong things sometimes under threats sometimes under greed of short-time benefits.
We have our Free Coaching Centers, Welfare Tie-ups with several Educational Institutions for such children. We have regular programs to convince, educate and aware such section. We have tried our best to provide books to such children to attract their focus towards education.

GIRLS MUST SURVIVE (Our Protest against Atrocity on women)

Have you noticed that the girls dwelling in Footpaths and Slums are not over 14/15 in age. Then what is happening to the rest ? Where are they ?
We can compare the life of a girl on Footpaths and Slums with a vulnerable prey. Girl child is the most undesired and neglected byproduct of the multiplying population of the Footpath. And if such one is orphan, then she is Born to be victimized. This is how a Footpath-Girl starts her life.
Maximum of such girls in teenage are engaged in prostitution forcefully by the antisocial rackets and sometime even they are being sold by their own relatives.
We are proudly partial in case of a Girl Child. Girl Child is under our Priority List in all our Welfare Services and Initiatives.
We always come forward to support a Girl Child and raise our voice against the atrocities on women.


Every year we arrange ‘PUJA PARIKRAMA’. In Durga Puja we use to take such children to different renowned Puja-Pandals, provide them food and new dresses. This is not only a one day outing but to take off the inferiority complex of social discrimination from them and to make them realize that they have also rights to participate in such festivals. This can rather be tagged as a Social Awareness Program.


We decorate your best moments

Our extremely skilled and experienced Flower Decorator Team is one of our strength. We are successfully running this service since years. Contact us to make your Wedding / Reception / Birthday / Anniversary and Other Parties memorable, colorful and evergreen within an affordable budget.
We have formed this team with the help of these needy children; trained and headed by best Flower Decoration Experts.
The remuneration you pay, that will straightly benefit the needy. In the way of engaging our Flower Decorator Team in your ceremony, you are actually engaging yourself with the Social Welfare chain. Make your Happy Moments memorable. Help us to change lives.